Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation

November 5, 2018

If in rush hour traffic you can remain perfectly calm.

If you can see your friends travel to amazing places without a twinge of jealousy.

If you can love everyone around you unconditionally

And if you can always find contentment just where you are….

Then you are probably a dog....


We hold ourselves to these unrealistic standards of perfection and then we judge ourselves when we don’t live up to them.

We aren’t supposed to be perfect

Perfection isn’t possible.

But transformation is.


All of us have the capacity to change, to learn and to grow no matter what our circumstances.

One of the most effective tools for this is mindfulness.


What is mindfulness….

Its being present in the here and now.

Focusing on one thing, your breath, in and out. 

Mindfulness and meditation will take practice because our minds wander off.

It’s frustrating at first trying to keep your mind focused as our minds race a million miles an hour.

All of our minds will wander.

A study from Harvard shown our minds to wander 47% of the time. That’s nearly half of our present moments we are missing out on.




So part of mindfulness is simply training the mind to be here, where we already are.


So practice now…

Allow your eyes to close

And just feel your feet; wiggle your toes and sense your whole body being here. Soften the face, softening the jaw and notice that you’re breathing. Feeling the breath as it naturally flows in and out of the body. Just being here.

Notice your senses, visual, what you hear, what you can taste, smell and feel. And as you’re ready taking a deeper breath in and out and allowing your eyes to open.


‘What you practice grows stronger’



The brain of meditators the areas related to - attention, compassion, learning, grow bigger and stronger. It’s called cortical thickening – it’s the growth of new neurons in response to repeated practice. What we practice grows stronger.


Its not just about paying attention, its about how we pay attention. So if we meditate with judgment we grow judgment.

Frustration we grow frustration.


So we have to set the right intentions and grow loving arms around ourselves even the messy side of ourselves.



Mindfulness works- it helps strengthen our immune systems, decreases stress, decreases cortisol, sleep better, its good for us.


If you would like to learn more on how to become more mindful and meditation please contact me at

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