From the depths of overwhelm to time freedom and abundance

May 15, 2018

As a mum of 2, and having a partner with depression, running my own business, a home, bills to manage, I felt so much overwhelm and despair that I couldn’t find the right balance.

The last four years were difficult, a failed marriage, financial struggle and no time to do anything. I became addicted to the painkillers prescribed to me for my bad back, they were my escape from reality- or so I thought at the time. My head was in a complete fog.

If you have ever been in this dark place then I send my love to you. You will know how shameful and scary it can be. Time feels like an eternity, feelings of being isolated and embarrassed are just unbearable.

I was filled with negative emotions from my past and I never took responsibility for my actions. And that’s a high price to pay; negative emotions were weighing me down heavily. Lack of self-confidence and self worth I really didn’t care too much for myself. When we are this low our mental health suffers.


But we can either crumble and play the victim and stay bitter for the rest of our lives, or we can use the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and grow and learn from our experiences.

So I managed to breakthrough my mental and emotional blocks that were weighing me down, came off the painkillers through changing my beliefs and become more confident in whom I really was at the core.

I also learned how to manage my time more effectively and set myself goals in all areas of my life. This was a liberating experience and I felt a newfound freedom.

We really do not have to feel this feeling of being ‘stuck’ anymore I have found so many tools and techniques that can really change a persons life.


Let me share with you how I managed to prioritise my time so I could have more time freedom and spend it with my loved ones.



Its time for you to take back control of who you really are.

Its time for you to find that freedom and abundance you deserve.

Its time for you to create a positive and powerful mindset and create a future where you can have that time with those you love.

Its time for YOU beautiful…






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