The effects of Emotional Baggage

May 2, 2018


A teacher once asked her students to each bring in a sack of potatoes for every painful experience they could recall and for every person they could not forgive in their life.


Each student had to choose a potato and then carve into it the name of the incident and the date of the occurrence.


For an entire month the students were required to carry around their personalised sack of potatoes at all times. It lay beside their bed at night, sat with them at lunch and on the bus, and while they were with their friends.


The hassle of lugging around this load soon made it profoundly clear what a weight they were carrying around emotionally.

The people whose name where inscribed on the potatoes were not in the least affected by the heavy burden.


It seemed a rather high price to pay to hold onto people, situations and emotions that were of no positive values in their lives.

The students began to see forgiveness and letting go as a gift to themselves rather than a gift to others.



We all carry emotional baggage to varying degrees

-painful childhood memories, grief over loss of a loved one, devastation of a marriage or relationship break up, the trauma of physical or sexual abuse.

Who hasn’t suffered rejection, betrayal, hardship, failure, shame, longing, guilt, loss of self esteem or sorrow to some degree?

It is resistance to pain that hurts us the most; resistance to pain that wears us out. We fear it; we fight it, run from it, ignore it or try to bury it.


It takes a lot more energy to store pain than it does to confront it. The tension and effort of bracing shut the door of emotional storage vault eventually takes it toll in physical terms.


Negative emotions produce a spike in your body’s acid levels, the acid remains in the body if you are not exercising, if you are not sweating it out, if you are not urinating defecating properly, if your not crying or even exhaling.


And if it remains in the body it turns to gluten, which creates huge deposits of fat (even if you eat healthy).


If you are stressed, dealing with negative emotions over too much time, you will get acid, gluten and fat in your body.


Most aches and pains are simply part of the process of the body trying to detoxify itself and remove the build up of acid in the system. E.g. - Headaches, migraines, muscle pain, fatigue etc.

These are all signs of your body being clogged up due to acid.

We feel our emotions through the body; feel them in our neck, shoulders, spine etc.

If you have excess pain in the body, chances are you acid in your body because of the negative emotions.

Arthritis is connected to the feeling of unloved, criticism and resentment.


Most people suppress their emotions, which then can manifest in illness.

Often depression is repression and suppression


A lot of what is in your way of your dreams and goals are unprocessed emotions


Our feelings are physiological responses to our thoughts, while our emotions are energy in motion


So you can see why its such a burden to carry around this emotional baggage. There is a better way and that is to free yourself from them.


If you have emotional baggage that is holding you back, then please feel free to reach out to me.

Don't let negative emotions from the past hold you back any longer.


Kelly x

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