5 Questions to challenge your self-limiting beliefs

March 27, 2018




What are self -limiting beliefs?


They are merely illusions, they are ideas and attitudes that you have about yourself and your abilities that may be holding you back, essentially like illusions.

We develop them when we are young, usually by our parents, peers, teachers and others. We have all developed them through hearing direct messages from other people such as ‘nice girls don’t get angry’ or through our reactions to being criticized by other people for example- ‘ I am worthless’, ignored by others for example- ‘ my needs don’t matter’ or being rejected by others for example- ‘ I’m not loveable’.

Unfortunately, what tends to happen is in holding these beliefs we act in ways (and as a result causes others to treat us in a way) that confirms them (this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy).

We accept them as true.


I had a self limiting belief of ‘I cant do it’ when I had an addiction to painkillers last year. So my belief was that I couldn’t come off them because ‘I can’t do it’. That one belief stopped me from making the decision to stop taking them. Once I worked on this belief I was able to stop.


Have you ever said, “I can’t find my keys.”? That’s a belief.

Then someone says, “Here they are right in front of you.” As you said that you couldn’t find your keys, you gave instructions to your unconscious mind to ignore the keys. So even if the keys were right in front of you, you wouldn’t find them.


Brian Tracy says that the biggest block to our success comes in our self-limiting beliefs



Your beliefs will determine your actions and therefore, your results. Choose to adopt beliefs that will empower you.



What type of limiting decisions do people make?

  • I’m not good enough

  • I have to work hard to make money.

  • Life is a struggle; you must struggle to succeed.

  • I can’t have a great relationship.

  • Relationships never last.

  • I can’t weigh my ideal weight.

Can you relate to any of them?



Techniques to use


  1. Accept yourself as good, and equally as talented to anyone else out there. There is nothing that you can’t accomplish.

  2. Challenge the beliefs that are holding you back. Ask yourself what if you where extraordinary in that area? What would begin to happen?

  3. Stop making excuses for your lack of success and start to make things happen. Take action, make progress



The 5 questions to ask yourself to challenge your self-limiting beliefs

  1. What is the evidence that supports this belief? If I look objectively at all of my life experiences, what is the evidence that this belief is true?

  2. Is this belief always true for me?

  3. Does this belief consider the whole picture? Does it take into consideration both the positive and negative ramifications?

  4. Does this belief encourage my own peace of mind and well being?

  5. Did I choose this belief or has it developed from the influence of my family/friends as I was growing up?

Remember that whatever these self limiting beliefs may have offered you in the past, they no longer offer you and only serve to create stress and anxiety for you now.


All these limiting decisions will prevent you from moving forward and actualizing your full potential and experiencing the life that you deserve.


When I work with my clients on a one to one basis, I help them to discover ways to get rid of their limiting beliefs and decisions quickly and effectively.



Do you need help to remove a self-limiting belief?

Contact me today to discuss it.


To your success

Kelly x

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