A story about Addiction

February 4, 2018

This is a story about a girl with an addiction....


4 years ago her life changed, she was suffering from back problems after having her second child and putting on loads of weight. The pain used to be so bad, no physiotherapy, acupuncture or massage was ever enough. So she went to the doctor’s and they said ‘Here, try these painkillers-tramadol.’


Back then she didn’t know much about painkillers or the effects, and thought she might as well try them.

The first time she took one she felt really weird and spaced out, like she had just taken an ecstasy tablet. She thought to herself she wouldn’t be able to take these regularly no chance. But they numbed not only the physical pain, but the emotional pain too, and over time she took them as and when she needed too.


Not long after this she became a single parent to her 2 children and life got tough. Her eldest son has sensory and auditory processing disorder which is very challenging and difficult. Plus her daughter who was 2 at the time wasn’t sleeping and woke up all through the night.  Life was hard. She started taking tramadol more and more, and somehow ended up addicted to them. She got a buzz off them, and they made her escape reality whilst she was taking them. She was still able to function, in fact she could function much better being on them. But as time went by, she was taking more and more and really started noticing that she had a problem.


She went through the following years making some bad choices, bad decisions, not progressing, not socialising with friends or family and generally feeling like crap. She just wanted to feel ‘normal’ again and to stop taking these horrible tablets. She was addicted, she had an addiction. She was disgusted in herself for letting it ever get this far. That’s when she admitted it to her family what was going on. She thought if she told them then she knew she would have to get off them. They said they knew something wasn’t right with her they couldn’t put their finger on it. It took a long time for her to actually come off them completely, after researching and going back to the doctors she was advised to come off them gradually. She did start too but she didn’t have the self-belief, or the willpower to do it. Fear held her back, fear of losing herself, fear of being ‘normal’, and fear of the unknown.


Then she met her current partner and he was a massive support for her. He encouraged her and he was there for her, whilst last summer she started to reduce slowly, each week she would drop down one or half a one. She found it hard, the physical side effects where - flu like symptoms, shaking, hot and cold, irritability, sweats, mood swings, and anxiety the list goes on. Her mind felt like it was in a fog constantly. She hibernated and had her partner by her side. He endured all the irritability and mood swings, he got it all!!!


She had wanted to learn NLP (neuro linguistic programming) for a long time and she attended a course last September for 5 days. Those 5 days changed everything. They worked on each other and they did Time Line Therapy® which helps you remove negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs from the past.

She also realised on the course that she hadn’t actually made the decision to make a date to come off the tramadol. She just kept saying to herself ‘I will come off them soon’. But she wrote down that on 25th September 2017 she would STOP taking tramadol and be free from them.

She went home feeling so good. She worked with a fellow coach a few weeks later, a week before the 25th September. And he asked her if she wanted to stop taking them today. The fear crept back but she proudly said ‘hell yes!!’ They removed the fear; she removed a self-limiting belief she had about not being able to come off them. Once she had finished she felt exhilarated and she didn’t touch another tramadol again.


The following few weeks she had some physical symptoms, not many. She was able to handle them. She had a few dips with emotions but after about two weeks she was feeling much better.


4 months on and she is free from tramadol and feeling great. She can think clear, making better decisions, her mind is free and she has grown as a person.


You have to believe in yourself, know your self worth and raise your levels of self-esteem.


Oh by the way, the girl in the story is me.



I gained the self belief, i became more confident and i am now helping others overcome their problems.


If you or anyone you know is suffering with self limiting beliefs or anything similar, please feel free to reach out to me.

I show others how to overcome negative emotions that hold them back from the past and become more confident.


Thank you for reading


Kelly Wright x





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