RTT Group Sessions

Are you part of a group?

A Networking group?

Have a team?

Network Marketing Company?

A community?

If so, I am offering to do a FREE session of Rapid Transformational Therapy.

I offer these via zoom online.

If you are local to me we could arrange it in a venue.

What is RTT and how can it help your group?

Unlike traditional therapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy, RTT, treats the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms.

Instead of traditional counselling where you might bring up your problems every week, RTT works on freeing you from the belief that created that issue from the beginning.

Often those beliefs and patterns are created in our childhood and with the help of hypnotherapy we go back to these events and scenes and change their meaning, leaving you empowered and uplifted at the end of the process.

Hypnosis is a natural state like daydreaming and is very similar to meditation. And as long as you feel comfortable, going into a hypnotic state will be very easy. If you’ve ever drifted off for a moment during a conversation, or whilst you’ve been driving, then you’ve been in the same state.

You can be reassured that you will be awake and always in control throughout your session, but you will be in a very relaxed state, with your eyes closed.

In this relaxed state, the mind is able to uncover where the emotions and beliefs come from that are causing the negative patterns today.

Once the root cause is established, brand-new, empowering beliefs can take their place.

Our mind responds to words and images to create a belief and because the mind is more suggestible in hypnosis, transformation is faster and more successful.

How can it help your community?

I can help your team/group/community with a number of issues.

We can work on:

Helping to increase their sales


Self Esteem



Healing physical ailments

    and more.

Please contact Kelly for further information: info@kellywright.co.uk