Hi My name is Kelly Wright and I am an Transformation Coach & Holistic Therapist.

Through my coaching packages I support people who are struggling to keep it all together and who are allowing their Mental and Emotional Well-being become second to everybody else needs. I've learnt that overcoming my own self-limiting beliefs, eliminating negative emotions and becoming confident in your own abilities can create empowerment and opportunity. 

A little bit about me ...

I'm mum to two children, Kaden who has sensory and auditory processing disorder, and Gabby who is as mad as a box of frogs!

I also care for my partner who has a number of mental health issues. I know how challenging life can be.

Through many years of experiencing different situations like, rape, addictions (family and myself), divorce, death and more, i carried around emotional baggage for so long that i didn't know how to cope with it. We experience so many emotions and feelings and we don't get taught how to manage them. 

I was addicted to painkillers for three years and was on a large amount a day, to the point I was scared I would one day not wake up, and not being around for my 2 children anymore. This thought terrified me enough to want to come off them. The only problem I had was I didn’t have the self-belief I could. After my therapy I was able to remove the fear and self-limiting beliefs I had and I was finally free from them. I had been withdrawing for quite a few months leading up to this as advised by my GP.


My partner also during this time was diagnosed with a number of mental health issues and I was able to use these tools and techniques to look after my own mental health.

Through all of this I never gave up on the inner calling I was experiencing to use my experience to support others, it gave me the passion to do what I do now and to be able to help others in a similar position.

Through my client feedback and testimonials I know that all of the work I'm delivering is changing lives across the UK.


Positive transformations do happen, you just need to take the first step into the journey that you want to take. 

I'm here when you're ready to book our first consultation call. 

Kelly Wright 

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